“I have always wanted to share my passion with those who know how to appreciate art”.


As emblematic example of Italian entrepreneurship, Marco Masnari reveals an innate passion for the state-of-the-art manufacture of coffee grinding burrs and for the design of new solutions. He discovers it when, as a child, he is impressed by a series of hand coffee grinders in his father’s office.

Today, its spectacular collection has become a museum open to enthusiasts, scholars and schools. The atelier “Il Vecchio Macinino” exhibits over 500 authentic masterpieces accompanied by historical information and perfectly enhanced in a specially designed space in the headquarters of his company.

Each object selected by Marco Masnari tells not only about his love for the art and the intelligence of the past. It is a continuous inspiration for everyone: a three-century journey that, from a slice of our past, sheds light on our future.

For more information on the Museum, visit the website dedicated to the Masnari Collection.