This "Website" ( uses cookie to deliver its services to the user visualizing the pages. Cookies are small text files, managed by the user's browser, containing informations generated by the Website. There are different kind of cookies, with different purposes: some are used to enable some features, some has statistical purposes, some other are for user profiling.

Technical Cookies

The aim of this kind of cookie is to enable the Website's operations and it's divided in two subcategories: persistent cookies and session cookies.

  • Persistent cookies are retained even after the browser is closed, until a certain deadline. An example of this is the cookie that remembers the acceptance of this cookie policy.
  • Session cookies are destroyed when the browser is closed and have the purpose to manage a "navigation session", like what happens in an administrative area. This Website DOESN'T USE this kind of cookie.

Analytical Cookies

The purpose of analytical cookies is the collection of anonymous informations about Website usage. These informations are used in "aggregated" form exclusively (e.g. for counting how many views this page has obtained), because they're anonymous. The resulting data are used to improve the content of the Site in order to make it more interesting and useful for the user.

Profiling cookies

This kind of cookie is used to detect the user's behavior; the profiling cookie puts in direct correlation the browsing activity with the user that generated it. This Website DOESN'T USE this kind of cookie.

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